Golden Lyk




Feed Represents the Largest Single Production Expense for Cattle Operations.

  • Distiller’s grains cost significantly less than soybean meal.
    Golden Lyk® supplement tubs are made from distiller’s grains and other co-products of ethanol production. Golden Lyk® supplement tubs do not contain feather meal or animal by-products.
  • Golden Lyk® supplement tubs are consistent in product formulation and offer predictable consumption, so you change them less often.
    This means you save time and money for fuel to feed livestock.
  • Golden Lyk® supplement tubs do not require special equipment, transportation or storage facilities.
    This means you save money on equipment, fuel and facilities.
  • Golden Lyk® supplement tubs are packed into poly tubs that can be lifted and placed by hand.
    They can easily be stacked, making storage a cinch. Transportation is limited and only necessary at point of purchase and when hauling to the feed area.
  • You will reduce waste by using Golden Lyk® supplement tubs.
    Due to the size and durability of the tubs, Golden Lyk® supplement tubs can feed many head of livestock at a time. The tubs can survive through inclement weather conditions and will not spill, blow or crumble.
  • Calves can be more profitable.
    Golden Lyk ® supplements can play a huge role in the long-term profitability of calves. Birth weights of calves can be greater as a result of cows being fed a higher-energy diet late in gestation, and it is also true that the cows will have more energy for calving. Calving difficulty may be lower in cows on a moderate to high energy nutritional program in the last trimester when compared to cows on a low energy program.


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