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How do I control consumption of Golden Lyk® protein tubs?

The formulation and unique processing of Golden Lyk® tubs work together to promote optimum consumption levels of one to two pounds per head of cattle each day. Simply place the protein tubs in a frequently traveled area, such as a water location. Additional tubs may also be added to increase the tubs-to-cattle ratio. Decrease the tubs-to-cattle ratio in the case of over-consumption.

Can Golden Lyk® tubs be fed to calves and horses?

Yes, Golden Lyk® has Golden Rem Lyk available for horses in 50, 100 and 200 pound tubs. Golden Lyk® also has a tub for calves and yearlings: Golden Yearling 18. Golden 20-200 tubs can be used for horses out on rangeland with cattle.

Are Golden Lyk® tubs economical?

Yes, the Golden Lyk® product formulation of all-natural protein is a cost-effective way to supplement protein, vitamins and minerals. Comparable products often use non-protein nitrogen or animal co-products to increase protein levels, which increases cost.

Do Golden Lyk® tubs contain mammalian protein products?

No, Golden Lyk® tubs do not contain any animal protein or fat product.

Will Golden Lyk® tubs increase calf weight at birth?

Golden Lyk® products will have little effect on calf birth weights. However, if cattle condition scores are historically low, supplementation may increase cow condition scores and birth weights.

Will Golden Lyk® tubs increase calf-weaning weight?

Proper supplementation of cow and calf forages with Golden Lyk® products will optimize cow milk production and the growth of a calf, thereby increasing calf-weaning weight.

How are Golden Lyk® tubs manufactured?

Golden Lyk® tubs are formed under pressure. This process eliminates the need for heat processing or cooking, thereby conserving nutrients.

Can I mix a variety of Golden Lyk® tubs in the same pasture?

Golden Lyk® products should be used according to forage types and quality, as well as cattle nutrient needs. Golden Lyk® representatives are trained to assist you in choosing the correct product for your animals’ needs.

Are Golden Lyk® tubs affected by weather conditions?

Golden Lyk® tubs are a natural corn distiller’s product and not molasses-based. Therefore, they will not become sticky in heat and will remain edible at zero degrees Farenheit. The durable, poly tubs keep the product protected from wet ground and bacteria.

How are Golden Lyk® tubs different from other supplement tubs?

Golden Lyk® uses only natural corn distiller’s grain as the base product. Golden Lyk® tubs are not heated or cooked during the production process, which helps maintain nutrient value.
All protein sources in Golden Lyk® tubs are provided by natural plant protein products that are high in energy and offer an excellent by-pass protein source for cattle.

How do Golden Lyk® tubs work on low quality forages?

Low quality forage is typically low in protein and energy. Golden Lyk® products supply additional protein and minerals to assist in the animals’ energy and diet.

Are Golden Lyk® tubs necessary on high quality forages?

Because many high quality forages contain excess protein in relation to the energy they contain, Golden Lyk® tubs offer an alternative supply of additional energy for better protein utilization. Golden Lyk® tubs offer additional vitamins and minerals that may not be readily available in the forage.

Can Golden Lyk® tubs be fed alone without an adequate forage diet?

No. Golden Lyk® products are only a supplement to a forage diet.


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